Blake Brees, The Business Mogul

Where a young heir to Old Money chooses a riskier path that led to a New Money world.

Isolated and a loner as a child, Blake Brees nowadays can silently command any room. Blake Brees began his career unlike any other Brees family member. To his parents’ horror, instead of joining the profitable family business Blake Brees went solo and started Punch Street Empire Properties at the height of the recession. With his new and risky business Blake pumped time and money into buying properties on a dimly lit, unpaved, little known road called Punch Street with no guarantee of a return.

To be continued...

A note from the Founder: The concept for characters ties in to the core message behind Punch Street itself - Illustrations that represent our image & our culture. Although these beginning stories are fictional, the fashion may change, or additional characters may be added - for now, perhaps you do know a friend that relates to: the corporate hustler in Anna Kari; the street dreamer in Dot Garber; the quiet daredevil in Bella Perry; or the solo mover in Blake Brees. 

Or perhaps that person is you. 

This is our generation.  Welcome to Punch Street.