Bella Perry, The Chief Executive

From Main Street to Punch Street, where an everyday young girl found success.

Born on Main Street, Bella Perry is the youngest of three and the only girl in her tight-knit family. Somewhat shy growing up, it was Bella Perry’s two older brothers that were her biggest influences. Under her brothers’ wings Bella Perry became a secret dare devil and took on their love for movies.

One summer Bella Perry made the decision to leave Main Street to chase her dream: producing mafia and urban crime films. Bella Perry convinced her entire family to come with her. Eventually they all left for Punch Street with nothing but dreams and a very small savings. A few years later Bella Perry began working on her independent film on female gangsters across the globe. Bella had no idea that her life was about to change.

To be continued...

A note from the Founder: The concept for characters ties in to the core message behind Punch Street itself - Illustrations that represent our image & our culture. Although these beginning stories are fictional, the fashion may change, or additional characters may be added - for now, perhaps you do know a friend that relates to: the corporate hustler in Anna Kari; the street dreamer in Dot Garber; the quiet daredevil in Bella Perry; or the solo mover in Blake Brees. 

Or perhaps that person is you. 

This is our generation. Welcome to Punch Street.