You’ve been in this situation before – it’s last minute and you need a great gift. Maybe it’s for your bestie who just had her baby. How about your sister who just got engaged?  A gift card isn’t going to do it, you need something special. But you can’t afford the time to find that great little gift, find the right card and wrap it all up beautifully too.

trinky things® comes to the rescue with our keepsake bangle sets that make it easy to give a personalized accessory gift with a clever all-in-one-solution. In one purchase and with zero wrapping paper fuss, let every part of our gift set, from the cute card to the adjustable charm bangle and the beautifully designed gift box, create a memorable and unique moment.

Save your close relationships, avoid those close calls – and gift it with trinky things®. 

 *Gift box patent pending